whitehall ferry terminal - 1992 design
(with venturi, scott brown and associates)
The 1992 "big clock" design was the competition-winning entry by Venturi, Scott Brown and Associates and Anderson/Schwartz Architects. Unanimously selected from among the six entries that included Rafael Vinoly (whose scheme was advocated by the New York Times architecture critic), SOM and Aldo Rossi, the scheme's iconoclastic design drew immediate praise and derision from the public. The 120-foot diameter clock (actually an electronic depiction of a clock) would have been the largest clock in the world, enabling the relatively modest terminal building to achieve an appropriately civic presence when viewed from the harbor against the backdrop of Lower Manhattan. The barrel-vaulted Waiting Room, five feet taller than the similarly sized Grand Central Station in midtown, incorporated stylized steel truss columns and arches and an electronic screen at the end of the hall, intended to be a publicly-accessible forum for communication, art and real-time broadcasting.

The Venturi, Scott Brown and Associates team included Robert Venturi, Denise Scott Brown, Steve Izenour, John Bastian and John Forney. The Anderson/Schwartz Architects team included Frederic Schwartz and Paul Cali. Ronald Evitts headed the Venturi, Scott Brown and Associates New York office that developed the design from 1993 through 1994. The competition winning design was rejected by the City of New York in 1994, shortly after Mayor Rudolph Giuliani took office.

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