vores by competition, copenhagen

A roofscape of photovoltaic panels, gardens and windmills creates a dramatic and fully functioning sustainable “fifth façade,” while re-habilitated 19th century steam and power buildings house a school, multi-faith worship center and geothermal plant. 200,000 square meters of new and affordable housing are created in the center of the site, taking advantage of proximity to the new school, existing parks and public amenities.

The existing subterranean network of cellars is re-furbished as a combination electronic art museum/casino, MUSINO, providing economic and cultural credibility. Its entrance is a flame-like, glowing sculpture overlooking the adjacent public park, signaling the connection to the underground complex, a metaphor for the light-inspired greater project.

Project Team: 0Ronald Evitts, Jonathan Ho, Alexander Cornelius, Herson Suquino, George Argiris, Mouhamadou Abass Sall Attidjany, Sara Marie Malmros, Eve Michel, David Singer and Raphael Zwyer
Project: 02007