industrial building proposal, brooklyn navy yard, ny, 2009 (unbuilt)

For a 75,000 SF building in the Brooklyn Navy Yard industrial park, r.e.a.l. designed an ecologically pro-active building that incorporates wind turbines, photovoltaic awnings, roof gardens, photovoltaic terra cotta tiles and other strategies designed to result in a gold level LEED rating. Indigenous species gardens surround the building, incorporating a minimal amount of at-grade parking on permeable paving and a storm water retention pond with native grasses. The building celebrates its intended process in receiving raw materials and shipping finished product via the prominent location of the loading facilities, marked on the elevation by a large scale elliptical hood, which directs vehicles through and around the building. Estimated cost: $18 million.

Project Team: Ronald Evitts, Tony Rambrich, Gabriel Köche Cé, Sergio Gonzales
Project: 2009