house in briarcliff manor

For a 1980's vintage suburban ranch house, r.e.a.l. created three spatial flourishes by reconfiguring the ceiling plane, augmented by LED backlit glass panels, and replaced riverfront windows with larger, simpler glazing. A fully renovated Kitchen creates a spacious center of the house, with stone floor, maple cabinets and quartzstone countertop and the newly joined Library and Living Room are brought to life with new lighting, finishes and a connection to each other around a newly stone-clad fireplace. A Spirit Wall, with natural thatch imbedded between resin outer layers, defines the entry to the house, provides a backdrop for antique artwork, and deflects unfriendly spirits from entering.

Project Team: Ronald Evitts, Jonathan Ho, Tony Rambrich, Sergio Gonzales, Gabriel Köche Cé
Completion: September, 2010, Photography, David Dashiell Photography