house in chappaqua, new york

A young couple needed to add a nursery and an additional office space to a previously-renovated 18th century farmhouse in suburban Westchester county. The solution was to insert a glassy atelier between the existing farmhouse and the 1992 master bedroom wing. The greater height of the new office complements the more standard ceiling heights throughout the house and enhances its spacious feeling while maintaining the traditional vocabulary of the farmhouse and previous additions. Built-in cabinets, daybed and desk in the nursery, a small gallery space leading to the studio, and newly sky-lit bathroom completed the renovation, allowing the house to graciously accommodate the growing family. With Kiki Dennis Interiors.

Project Team: 0Ronald Evitts, Jonathan Ho
Project Completed: 02009

  Existing addition under construction With addition Interior Shot looking South (Under Construction) Layout Plan